MUT – Sniping Golds and Investing for Team Leader Sets

Sniping golds could pay massive dividends in the near future. Smart investors are anticipating the release of Team Leader sets and loading up their binders with gold player items. Team Leader’s are important for two reasons: (1) some of them have fairly high rated cards; and (2) the MUT Master objectives require 8 completed Team Leader sets.

How do you complete Team Leader sets? Right now it is all speculation. Initial reports were that you would need to submit ANY 20 gold players of the team. However, based on how the silver market has changed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sets had OVR restrictions on what cards you can submit.

As of right now, golds can be found at bargain prices on the AH. For the purposes of this post, a low gold is a 70-74 and a high gold is a 75-79. The question becomes, what should be targeted and how can you get the snipe?

Based on the current market, cards with any significant value are rated 85+ OVR. According to YouTube teasers, the following Team Leaders surpass the 85 threshold:

Chiefs: Johnson (86)

Cowboys: Prescott (86)

Dolphins: Wake (85)

Falcons: Jones (87) and Neal (85)

Giants: Pugh (85)

Lions: Ansah (85)

Packers: Clinton Dix (87) and Perry (85)

Patriots: Cooks (87) and Solder (85)

Raiders: Lynch (85)

Seahawks: Britt (86)

Steelers: Big Ben (87) and Pouncey (85)

Texans: Mercilus (86)

The most valuable Team Leader sets will correspond with: (1) the popularity of the team / player; (2) OVR rating / position scarcity; and (3) quantity of cards over 85.

Based on these criteria, any one of these teams should see a gold card price spike due to their Team Leaders being above 85. The market has already started to place a premium on Cowboys, Falcons, Patriots and Steelers Gold players. Oddly, as of last night, low gold packers are still generally bargains.


Keep in mind that ALL GOLDS are anticipated to rise in price. This is due to the MUT Master set, which requires you to complete 8 Team Leaders. As a result, even the golds belonging to the least desirable Team Leaders will be worth sniping.

What is a great price to grab a gold at?

Low Golds: The market price has been driven up to a base of around 1,000 coins. Any gold under 700 is a good pickup.

High Golds: The market price is currently up to a base of 3,000-4,000 coins depending on the team (see how to find value below). Anything under 2,000 is a good buy for most teams since you would profit by selling them at the going rate immediately. Anything under 1,500 is a great buy.

*These price points are dynamic and can fluctuate drastically throughout the day. To get an idea of what the current market is, see the sorting tips below.

How do I find the snipes?

Sorting for Buy it Now (“BIN”) Sniping

The sort feature is your best friend when it comes to finding bargains on the AH. Given that Team Leaders is team based, sort by team and the level of card. I recommend sorting for Quality – Gold 75-79.


Pick 5-7 teams to continuously sort through. This will allow you to narrow things down so you can hone in on finding a great BIN snipe. However, having a narrow pool does not mean anything if you don’t understand the value of what you’re bidding on.

How do I get an idea of what the teams are worth?

Once you have the teams that you want to focus on, scroll through the buy now price sorted from least expensive to most. Knowing these lowest prices is key to making a quick profit.

I now have an idea of what the teams lowest buy now prices are, whats next?

Next use R2 or RT to change your filter from ‘Buy Now’ to ‘Newest’:

Final Step

The final step is a combination of patience and luck. Stay patient and continue filtering through your list of teams that you have selected while sorting for ‘newest’. If you remain patient, I guarantee that you will find some amazing buy now gold snipes.

I took a break from writing this to get some examples of the kind of coins you can make in under an hour. Note that in this example, I was focused on value of that particular team and not the player or position:




Invested: 2,200 coins

Gross Sales: 9,990 – 10% sales tax (990) and initial investment (2200)

Net Profit: 6,800 coins of immediate profit.

How is this possible? Is this post going to destroy this market?

A lot of people are on MUT at any given time and the majority of them don’t take the minute it takes to understand the market before putting their cards for sale. If they aren’t willing to take a second to find out the card price, they are certainly not reading how to snipe!

Good luck.