MUT Weekend League – Overall Team Ratings from Week 1

MUT’s first weekend league is now in the books. Competitors will be spending the week bolstering their rosters for a chance to improve their record or maintain perfection during week 2.

With that being said, it is helpful to analyze how good everyone’s rosters were in week 1. To get a better idea of how highly teams were rated, I recorded my opponent’s PS4 rosters and averaged out a team overall. Despite the recent ‘kickers matter movement’ in MUT 18, I’ve excluded them from the overall calculation.

The following positions were considered: QB, HB1, HB2, FB, WR1-4, TE1, TE2, LT, LG, C, RG, RT, LE, RE, DT1, DT2, LOLB, MLB, ROLB, CB1-4, FS, SS. The overalls were tallied and divided by the number of positions to come up with a team overall.

There are flaws associated with calculating an overall based on the average of these positions. Specifically, the sample size is small. Also, some of the depth positions are not always utilized and some lower rated players may have desirable attributed (i.e. Ross’ 90 Speed). However, this basic calculation does shed some light on a roster’s overall quality.

Here were some of the key findings:

  • Lowest OVR encountered:   78.6
  • Highest OVR encountered:  85.75
  • Average:                               82.3

To get a better idea of how the teams were made up, I focused on the following areas: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers (1-4 +TE), Top Half Back, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Linebackers and the Secondary (CB1-4+FS+SS).

Looking at these specific groupings revealed the following:


  • Low QB:            79 (Mariota)
  • High QB:           89 (Brees)
  • Average QB:      84.12

WRs + TE1

  • Lowest Group: 78.6
  • Highest:           86.6 (88 Thomas, 87 Moss, 85 Jeffery, 84 Cruise and 89                                          Kelce)
  • Average:           82.5


  • Lowest HB1:     80 (Hill)
  • High:                90 (Johnson)
  • Average:           84.4


  • Lowest Group: 76.8
  • High:                87  (89 Munoz, 86 Bitonio, 87 Hudson, 87 Sitton, 86                                              Bulaga)
  • Average:           81.8


  • Lowest Group:  77.5
  • High:                 88.5 (90 White, 88 Vernon, 88 Cox, 88 Atkins)
  • Average:            82.4


  • Lowest Group:  78.3
  • High:                 88 (90 Miller, 87 Lewis and 87 Smith)
  • Average:            82.5


  • Lowest Group:  78.8
  • High:                 85.5 (3 different combinations)
    • 87 Sanders, 85 Amukamara, 86 Gilmore, 83 Bailey, 84 Nelson, 88 Berry
    • 87 Sanders, 85 Gilmore, 86 Verrett, 81 Bailey. 87 Cyprien, 87 Burnett
    • 85 Sanders, 86 Maxwell, 86 Verrett, 82 Shead, 86 Cyprien, 86 Burnett
  • Average:            83

The findings show that a budget squad is still able to compete during the early stages of MUT Champions. This will be further discussed in my upcoming Turbo’s RTG Week 2 post.

It is safe to assume that these overalls will be going up at least a point or two by next weekend. This assumption is supported by the influx of coins and packs that will be received as rewards on Wednesday.

My guess is that teams will focus on improving their WR core to eliminate any weak links. Many rosters still have 3rd and 4th WRs below an 80 overall rating. Only 2 of my weekend opponents had all of their WRs over 84.

The second area that teams will likely focus on is the offensive line. A strong running game has been important this season and this is reflected with an average HB1 rating of 84.4.  Teams will be looking to replace their budget low 80s fill-ins with more quality elites (85+). This will raise the average O-Line rating of 81.8.