MUT – Power Up System Review

The release of 90 rated TOTW Derek Carr unlocked the power up card’s tier 4 set and answered weeks worth of speculation on how the power up system would progress. Carr’s 91 rated Tier 4 card is without a doubt one of the best in the game. However, the card costs more than a pretty penny and is NAT. Based on the cost, power up sets are sure to go down in MUT history as a failed experiment.

NFL Stars and Tier 1

NFL Stars

The upgrade process begins by acquiring Carr’s NFL Stars edition 70 rated gold card by exchanging 1 team silver token.

Team silver token’s are acquired through trading in ANY six silvers rated 60-64 and ANY 6 silvers rated 65-69. It is possible to win high silvers in the auction house for 150-300 coins, especially if you’re luck enough to be the sole bidder. Buy it now prices are slightly higher. A common price point is 300. For the purpose of this valuation, we will average out a team silver set at a very reasonable cost of 250 per player.

At a 250 coin per player rate, a silver team token totals 3,000 coins. As such, the first baby step to your shiny new 91 Carr is a measly 3,000 coins. What’s 3,000 coins to a baller like you?

Tier 1

The Tier 1 power up set requires Carr’s 70 rated NFL Stars card and an additional team silver token (3,000 coins).

Now we are 6,000 in the hole and we have our first purple 75 rated Carr.

Tier 2 Upgrade

The Tier 2 upgrade actually makes the card usable in versus play and is rated as an 82. As you can see above, the set requires the 75 Tier 1 card (6,000) + an additional team silver (3,000) plus a Raider’s team gold token.

A Raiders team gold token is acquired by trading in ten gold Raiders cards (any five 75-79 rated Raiders and any five that are 70-74 rated).

It is difficult to win a Raiders 75-79 rated gold player from the auction house for under 2,000 coins. The going rate for BIN prices is around the 2,500 coins and they are commonly sold at this price point. It is possible to shave a couple hundred coins off of this by grinding auctions, but for the purposes of this post a Raiders 75-79 gold is 2,500 coins. The high golds (75-79) will cost 12,500 coins.

A 70-74 rated Raiders card is not exactly easy on the coin bank either. Each card will cost approximately 2,000 coins. As a result, the five low golds required will total 10,000 coins.

Raiders Gold Token Coin Total: 22,500

Tier 2 Total:

  • 6,000 (Tier 1) +
  • 3,000 (Team Silver) +
  • 22,500 (Raiders Gold Token) =
  • 31,500 Coins.
Tier 3 Upgrade


Any bidder can easily stroll into the Auction House and grab themselves an 82 rated Sam Bradford or an 82 rated Alex Smith for approximately 8,200 coins. The 82 rated Tier 2 Carr is almost 4x more expensive (23,300 coins more). Although the value isn’t there, the additional 23,300 coins may be a small price to pay for a big Raiders or Carr fan, I’ll let that slide.

Investing in a Tier 3 card is where everyone should take a pause and realize that the cost is simply too high. To complete the Tier 3 card, the following needs to be traded:

  • 82 Tier 2 Carr – 31,500 coins;
  • Raiders Gold Token – 22,500 coins;
  • Silver Token – 3,000 coins; AND
  • 87 rated Core Elite Carr ($210k on xbox and $236k on PS4) 223,000 coins
  • TOTAL: 280,000 Coins

The worst part about this investment is that your card is now NAT, meaning you will never get to place the core elite Carr back onto the market.

NAT Version

The NAT version of the Tier 3 Carr set requires a NAT elite Carr, an elite token, two Raiders gold tokens and two silver tokens.

An elite token is made up of:

  • Three wildcard elite players rated between 80-81 ovr (approx 3,500-4,000 each);
  • Two 82-83 rated ovr (7,500-8,000 each); and
  • One 84-85 rated ovr (15-16,000)
  • Total: 26,000-28,000

Total Set Cost:

  • Elite Token: 27,000 coins +
  • Two Raiders Team Gold: 45,000+
  • Two Silvers: 6,000 +
  • 82 Tier 2 Carr: 31,500 =
  • 109,500 Coins + an NAT 87 Carr.

Tier 3 Takeaways 

Currently, the most affordable 88 rated QB in the auction house is Warren Moon (195k Xbox and 201k PS4). Drew Brees is 260+ k and Andrew Luck is 300+. As such, if you happen to get lucky and pull a 87 NAT Carr, the additional 109,500 coins is =pretty good value to get the card up to an 88. This is only if it was a lucky pull.

Tier 4

The Tier 4 set requires both:

  • 88 Tier 3 Carr: 280,000 built off of the base core elite (or 109,500 + NAT Elite Carr; AND
  • 90 TOTW Carr: 420,000 coins
  • TOTAL: 700,000 Coins for the base elite route.

It is possible to win a 91 rated Moon in the auction house for between 500,000-520,000 coins. In addition to being 200,000 cheaper, it can also be placed back into the auction house.

Overall Value

Despite being a fantastic card, it is a terrible decision to lock that many coins into an NAT player. It would be wise to simply purchase the TOTW Carr card for 420,000 coins and reserve the option to post it in the auction house. I don’t think the +1 overall is worth anywhere near the 700,000 locked coins it would take.