MUT – Turbo’s RTG: the Weekend League Round 2

My RTG series will track my journey towards an ‘EA Triple Crown’ (a top division title in FUT, HUT and MUT). This edition features my second round of MUT’s Weekend League.

The Turbo_T96ers managed to come away with 12 w’s in week one. I was happy with the result as I didn’t get in many head to head games leading up to the weekend. During week 2, I was hoping to rely on my experience gained in week one and an improved roster.

In week 2, the 96ers put up a respectable 15 wins. This marked the franchise’s first Gold 1 finish. If you follow the site, you know that I posted my opponents average rating in week 1. I was able to do the same for week 2Below, I break down my main weaknesses discovered during this past weekend.

Here is my roster. As you can see, I’m fairly solid across the board and I have a strong O-Line. My in-game rating is an 85 overall.

It is no secret that if teams are anywhere close to evenly matched, scheme WILL beat team almost every time. I have, without a doubt, been outplayed by superior opponents controlling weaker teams. I have also defeated far better teams. For the purposes of this post, I wanted to look at  my most lopsided losses in an attempt to identify a roster build that I struggle against the most. My first issue was defending the flats.

Defending the Flats

Over the weekend there were a few games where my opponents constantly lined up in a split-back set and threw to the flats almost every snap. As many of you know, the flat zones are dropping pretty far back this season and this can be tough to cover. I found the most success by staying patient and going for hit sticks on those underneath throws. In addition to staying patient, I’d occasionally go for an aggressive user and mixed in some unexpected man coverage (sometimes even from my downed end).

Blowout Losses

Two out of my 10 losses were three possession ball games. I consider that to be a blowout in four minute quarters. I wanted to evaluate those two losses:

L 20-0

I calculated the average team rating of this opponent to be 85.2. This is one of three games where I was shut out completely (when it rains it pours). This specific opponent had a very strong secondary:

  • CBS:
    • 86 Verrett;
    • 85 Gilmore;
    • 85 Ramsey; and
    • 80 Munnerlyn
  • Safeties:
    • 88 Mathieu; and
    • 90 Harrison

I was having trouble moving the ball down the field in the air because the secondary was complimented by this D-Line:

  • 90 White
  • 86 JPP
  • 85 Poe
  • 84 Floyd

This particular player would user White in certain situations and blow through the right side of my line with ease. My 88 OVR Conklin was no match. I had to shift my line and keep in a blocker but the pressure proved to be too tough to solve.

The LBs on this team were strong but not elite: 83 Singletary, 86 Bowman and 85 Kerrigan.

In addition to a strong D, this player had an elite QB, RB1 and WR 1 combo of 88 Brady, 87 Peterson and 89 Green.

L 28-0

I calculated this team’s average overall as 84.9. The secondary was not as strong as my previous three-possession blowout loss but it was deep and well rounded.

  • CBs:
    • 85 Gilmore;
    • 85 Trufant;
    • 82 Alford; and
    • 83 Bailey
  • Safeties
    • 84 Nelson; and
    • 86 Harrison

A common theme between the two opponents was a 90 OVR Reggie White playing LE. This particular White card lined up beside 84 Shelton, 82 Williams and 85 Abraham.

On Defense, I was tasked with stopping 87 OVR Brady, 87 Sanders and 87 Peterson.  I was most exposed by 90 OVR Antonio Brown out of the slot. I simply could not scheme to cover him. The remainder of the WR core included:

  • 84 Evans
  • 86 Adams
  • 84 Cruise
  • 84 Ertz

I should also add that both rosters had similar O-Line ratings of 85.6 and 85.4.


Based on this data and how the games went, it is pretty clear that I struggle against a strong, pressure generating defensive line. Specifically, 90 OVR Reggie White. The lesson is to be aware of when your opponent is attempting to user a strong end to blow through your line. Chances are there is man coverage on so you should leave the back into block and focus on beating man coverage.

In addition to  struggling against a strong pass rush, I failed to take the easy check down into the the flat. Based on how effective it has been, you should incorporate them into your route progressions regularly.

As a 15 win player, I’ve put together a separate post covering some basic game play tips that will help you make a jump into Gold 2. I’m going to be utilizing these tips to move up the MUT divisions in the coming weeks.

I’m looking forward to posting the Gold 1 Rewards.