HUT Synergy Guide

The HUT Synergy Guide will cover everything you need to know about HUT Synergies. First we will answer the basics of what synergies are, how synergies are activated and the best ways to acquire players to activate your desired synergy. Next we will take a comprehensive look at this season’s current player specific and team synergies. Finally, we will reveal the must have synergy to start HUT 18.

What are HUT synergies?

There are two types of synergies: player specific synergies and team synergies. Player specific synergies provide ONLY the players who possess the synergy with a stat boost. Team synergies provide the ENTIRE team with the stat boost, regardless of whether or not some players do not possess the synergy.

HUT Synergies are attached to each player card and coach cards. Base gold cards each possess 1 synergy. Base silver cards possess 2 and base bronze cards possess 3. Higher end special cards contain several synergies each. The most valuable coach cards possess 3 of the same team synergy.

How do I know what synergies a player has?

There are two ways to see what synergy a player has. The first way is to flick up on the right stick when you are on the card that you are looking at. The second way is to click the right stick to see ‘player info.’

How are Synergies Activated?

The synergies attached to each card can be ‘turned on’ or ‘activated’ if there are enough players / players and coach items in your lineup who have the synergy.

Player specific synergies require 4 synergies in your starting lineup to have the specific synergy and team synergies require 10. As was stated above, some coaches can have 3 of the same team synergy attached to the card and base gold players have 1 each. Keeping this in mind, here is a couple examples of how you can reach the 10 synergy points required to get the Silky Smooth team synergy:

  • A coach with 3 S synergy and 7 base gold players with S synergy = 10 S points and the synergy will be turned on.
  • 10 base gold players with S synergy = 10 S points and the synergy will be turned on.

How do i check how many synergy points i have active?

On the HUT Main Menu, scroll over to the ‘My Team’ tab and click on ‘edit lineup.’ Along the bottom of the screen you will notice a list of all the synergies that are in your lineup and how many you are away from it being turned on. For more detail and the complete list, click Y on xBox or Triangle on PS4 to enter the Synergy Details Page.

How do i acquire items with a specific synergy?

The most efficient way of doing this is in the Auction House. If you sort by synergy style and player type, you will be able to narrow down your results quickly. Similarly, in the head coach category, search by synergy style and rarity (you want the rare coaches as they award more synergy points).

HUT DB is an excellent online resource that allows you to sort and view every skater in the game by synergy and much more.

Synergies currently available

These can all be found within the ‘synergy glossary’ below the ‘my hut’ tab of the main menu. The following synergies are currently available:

Player Synergies

*The stat bonuses are only awarded to the specific players who possess the corresponding synergy and each require 4 synergy points:

NZ – Neutral Zone Defender: +2 Bonus to Aggression, Def. Awareness and Stick Checking;

P – Protect the Puck: +2 to Agility, Hand-eye and Puck Control;

RS – Rocket Skates: +2 Acceleration, Durability and Speed;

GD – Pucks Drop Gloves Drop: +2 Aggression, Faceoffs and Fighting;

HS – Human Shield: +2 Def. Awareness, Discipline and Shot Blocking;

DZ – Dangler Zone: +2 Deking, Hand-eye and Puck Control;

PM – Pinball Machine: +3 Body Checking and Endurance;

FS – Fine Shooting: +3 Balance and Wrist Shot Accuracy;

BM – Breakout Master: +3 Acceleration and Wrist Shot Power;

PP – Precision Passing: +3 Off Awareness and Passing;

HT – Hammer Time: +2 Body Checking, Slapshot Power and Strength;

CP – Clutch Player: +2 Endurance, Puck Control and Wrist Shot Accuracy; and

FF – Frequent Fighter: +3 Durability and Fighting Skill.

Team Synergies

*The stat bonuses are awarded to the entire team and each require 10 synergy points to be activated.

LL – Locker Room Leaders: All players +3 Discipline, Endurance, Offensive Awareness and Poise;

S – Silky Smooth: All players +3 Acceleration, Agility, Deking and Puck Control;

TN – Thread the Needle: All Players +3 Balance, Hand-eye, Passing and Speed;

AA – Angry Aggressors: All Players +3 Aggression, Body Checking, Fighting Skill and Stick Checking; and

CW – Concrete Wall: All Players +3 Defensive Awareness, Durability, Shot Blocking and Strength.

Must have synergy to start Hut 18

Just like in years past, speed continues to kill early in the game’s life cycle. Silky Smooth (S) is without a doubt the top available synergy in HUT 18. The bonuses provide +3 Acceleration, Agility, Deking and Puck Control. The +6 to skating stats really go a long way to increase team speed and the +6 puck control increase your chances of executing the new moves this year.

In addition to the amazing to the amazing team stat boosts, there is a long list of great cards that have the S synergy. Starting out, there are 5 affordable rare base gold player cards rated 85 or below who possess the synergy (Marner, Huberdeau, MacKinnon, Zetterberg and Teravainen). If you slot those 5 into your lineup with 2 goalie cards that have the S synergy and a coach card with 3 S, you will have yourself the best team boost currently available.

Bonus Tip

Keep an eye out for silver and bronze goaltenders who possess multiples of any team synergies. Savvy roster builders will place these cards as a backup goalie to receive the extra synergy points without having a weak link in their lineups. As such, these cards demand a premium price in the Auction House.




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