MUT Market Update 1

A high number of NAT rewards have significantly changed the MUT market landscape this season. The addition of TL exchange sets and flashbacks have further altered the market. Below we look at the impacts on the auction house.

A separate post looks on how these sets have impacted OVR tiers.

TL Exchange Sets

Originally, an 86 TL was obtained on an individual team basis by obtaining five of the 80 overall TLs and then playing through the Elite portion of the solos. Complaints arose due to the inability to place the 80 OVR TLs into sets, rendering them essentially useless cards in the binder.

EA responded to this dilemma with the addition of the ‘Team Leaders Exchange Set.’ Now, ANY eight (regardless of the team or conference) of the 80 OVR TLs can be exchanged for an 86 TL of your choice.

This impacted the market in a couple of ways. First off, it is important to remind you that 80 OVR versions of players can be obtained through exchanging a gold token. As a result, the recent exchange set ensures that gold cards will retain their value for the foreseeable future.

Since the exchange can be completed for ANY of the 86 OVR TLs, the exchange set also leveled out the values of golds across all teams. Anthony Barr of the Vikings is one of the most highly sought after 86 TLs. When the promotion was released, Vikings Gold players skyrocketed in value because it was the only way to get Barr. At the time of writing this, the lowest BIN price for a 75-79 Viking gold is 2,700. The lowest BIN price for a 75-79 Jets or Bills player is 3,000.


A flashback card with a minimum OVR of 88 can now be obtained by exchanging two elite tokens. This was a relief to many players who had a binder stashed full of mid to low tier NAT elite players in their binders. However, this also impacted the tradeable low-elite market. It is arguably the first time all season that these cards have any real value.

At the beginning of the season the threshold of an elite player card was lowered to an 80 OVR. During previous seasons, the elite threshold has been set at 85. Even with the OVRs lowered across the board this season, some elite pulls were essentially glorified gold cards.

After the initial release of TL sets and before the introduction of Flashbacks, golds held just as much if not more value than a low elite rated 80-81 overall. Not a surprise, since those golds could be used to build an 86 OVR card.

Flashbacks served to give these low elite cards value. Currently, the minimum BIN price of an 80-81 overall elite is set at 8,800. The minimum BIN of an 82-83 is 17,000. Finally, the minimum BIN of an 84-85 card is 25,500. The cost of two elite tokens required to build a flashback is 6x 80-81, 4x 82-83 and 2x 84-85.

Aside from giving these cards value on the auction house, the sets also gave packs slightly more value. A low elite will no longer sell for absolute peanuts, making a disgruntled pack purchaser slightly less disgruntled.


These sets have evened out the price of golds across teams and increased the value of low-elite player cards. Many sniping opportunities will be available in the gold and low-elite market.

Other than sniping, keep grinding your solos and opt for the the tradeable version of the gauntlet unleashed reward (now with a minimum of 83 OVR). Based on the flow of the market and the flood of 86+ rated cards, 85-86 rated cards could soon become bargains. It is also possible that these cards may be incorporated into sets in the future.