Madden 19 – The Marcus Mariota Rating Scandal

With over 3,200 career passing yards and a playoff win under his belt it seems odd that he would be rated lower than two Cleveland Quarterbacks and on par with the likes of Bradford. The Titans’ Twitter account took to arms and requested that his rating be reconsidered in a post that included one of Mariota’s viscous stiff arms.

Mariota was given an initial rating of 79 overall. This ranked him below the likes of: Keenum (81), Mayfield (81), Taylor (81) and Winston (80). Other QBs with a 79 OVR rating include: Bradford, Flacco and Jackson.

The team at EA responded to the request by placing an official “Under Review” stamp on the video. With dynamic ratings adjusting throughout the season, we likely wont be seeing many of these requests. It will be up to the athletes to change their ratings with their on-field performances. With that being said, a rating around 82 or 83 seems more appropriate.