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AllUltimateTeam.com  provides entertaining and engaging content covering the FUT, HUT and MUT universe. Our content aims to aid the most experienced of players without ignoring the beginner. All UT’s premium subscriptions offer industry leading investment advice on the UT market place. 

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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting All UT. I got the nickname Turbo through playing sports growing up. My strengths was hand eye coordination and my weakness was foot speed. In what may have been an attempt to get some pep into my step, coaches began calling me Turbo and it stuck.

I understand that the ultimate team series can be a steep learning curve. I hope that my posts provide tips and knowledge that will make the learning curve less overwhelming. All Ultimate Team has set itself up to be an excellent resource for the sports gaming community and I’m excited to be apart of it.

I’ve previously played all three titles featured on this website at a top division level. Previously, I have went with the no money spent approach. This season, I’m attempting to go for what I’ve dubbed as the ‘EA Triple Crown.’ To successfully claim the triple crown, I need to win a title in the top division of FUT, HUT and MUT.