MUT – Helpful Tips to Reach Gold 2 in the Weekend League

Why Is Gold 2 the Benchmark?

Gold 2 awards you automatic entry into the following weekend’s tournament. Additional prizes include 30k worth of coins, a Gold Tier 2 WL Pack and 2 Silver Tier 1 WL Packs.

Notable pulls out of my Gold 2 Packs from the first week included: 85 OVR Emmanuel Sanders and 83 OVR Tevin Coleman. The value of these cards, combined with the 30k, amounted to close to $100k from 11 wins. Not bad.

Following these tips can easily allow you to take that next step into Gold 2 to enjoy similar rewards.

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MUT – Power Up System Review

The release of 90 rated TOTW Derek Carr unlocked the power up card’s tier 4 set and answered weeks worth of speculation on how the power up system would progress. Carr’s 91 rated Tier 4 card is without a doubt one of the best in the game. However, the card costs more than a pretty penny and is NAT. Based on the cost, power up sets are sure to go down in MUT history as a failed experiment.

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MUT Weekend League – Overall Team Ratings from Week 1

MUT’s first weekend league is now in the books. Competitors will be spending the week bolstering their rosters for a chance to improve their record or maintain perfection during week 2.

With that being said, it is helpful to analyze how good everyone’s rosters were in week 1. To get a better idea of how highly teams were rated, I recorded my opponent’s PS4 rosters and averaged out a team overall. Despite the recent ‘kickers matter movement’ in MUT 18, I’ve excluded them from the overall calculation.

The following positions were considered: QB, HB1, HB2, FB, WR1-4, TE1, TE2, LT, LG, C, RG, RT, LE, RE, DT1, DT2, LOLB, MLB, ROLB, CB1-4, FS, SS. The overalls were tallied and divided by the number of positions to come up with a team overall.

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MUT – Sniping Golds and Investing for Team Leader Sets

Sniping golds could pay massive dividends in the near future. Smart investors are anticipating the release of Team Leader sets and loading up their binders with gold player items. Team Leader’s are important for two reasons: (1) some of them have fairly high rated cards; and (2) the MUT Master objectives require 8 completed Team Leader sets.

How do you complete Team Leader sets? Right now it is all speculation. Initial reports were that you would need to submit ANY 20 gold players of the team. However, based on how the silver market has changed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sets had OVR restrictions on what cards you can submit.

As of right now, golds can be found at bargain prices on the AH. For the purposes of this post, a low gold is a 70-74 and a high gold is a 75-79. The question becomes, what should be targeted and how can you get the snipe?

Based on the current market, cards with any significant value are rated 85+ OVR. According to YouTube teasers, the following Team Leaders surpass the 85 threshold:

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Turbo’s MUT RTG – Week 1

Week Recap

After a full week of Madden, the Turbo_T96ers are an 82 overall. After managing to go 3-0 in a set of qualifiers, the 96ers will be competing in Madden’s first ever weekend league.

The first week of Madden was primarily focused on grinding out solos with hopes of qualifying for the weekend league. I did spend a few extra dollars but only on the points only level packs. These exclusive packs are unlocked once you reach a certain MUT Level.

The week 1 post will cover the free cards in my lineup, my initial strategy, my current roster and strategy for the weekend league and beyond.

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MUT Tips – Solo Challenge Guide

The most efficient way to earn coins out of the gate is to complete solo challenges. If you’re new, our Baby GOAT Guide explains where to locate challenges. Also, if you don’t know a GOAT from a Baby GOAT, you should check it out.

*As of the time of this writing the Gun Monster formation was still working.

What Solos Should I Do?

The Guantlet offers the greatest rewards and doesn’t take an absurd amount of time to complete. With the following tips, you’ll have a few elite players and a good amount of coins in no time.

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MUT 18 – Free Day 1 Elite + Legends

There are two additional ways to obtain elite players on release day:

Twitch Prime

You are eligible to receive up to 25 legend cards when you link your Amazon Prime account with twitch. It is indicated that registered users should return on August 22nd to receive their first Legend. It is believe that these rewards will come in the form of loot crates that are received by linking your EA account with Twitch Prime.

Competitive Registration

Once you register to compete in the Madden 18 Championship Series, you are then able to choose your team for the Madden Club Championship. You are given an additional Team Elite (80 OVR) from your team of choice plus an alternate jersey. You are able to view each club’s respective elite and jersey selection while you are registering.

MUT Day 1 Decisions – Starting Players and First Moves

If you pre-ordered the game, you will have  a choice of an 80 OVR team elite from your favorite NFL franchise. In addition to the team elite, you will be given a starter pack containing two 70 OVR players from your team of choice.

Following your choice of cards, there is plenty of opportunities to earn free cards and a fairly strong starter team within the first couple days of the games release. The question should be, what choices will have the biggest impact on your ultimate team? You must also consider what compliments the free players available at launch. Finally, these players should fit your preferred formation.

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