MUT – Power Up System Review

The release of 90 rated TOTW Derek Carr unlocked the power up card’s tier 4 set and answered weeks worth of speculation on how the power up system would progress. Carr’s 91 rated Tier 4 card is without a doubt one of the best in the game. However, the card costs more than a pretty penny and is NAT. Based on the cost, power up sets are sure to go down in MUT history as a failed experiment.

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MUT – Sniping Golds and Investing for Team Leader Sets

Sniping golds could pay massive dividends in the near future. Smart investors are anticipating the release of Team Leader sets and loading up their binders with gold player items. Team Leader’s are important for two reasons: (1) some of them have fairly high rated cards; and (2) the MUT Master objectives require 8 completed Team Leader sets.

How do you complete Team Leader sets? Right now it is all speculation. Initial reports were that you would need to submit ANY 20 gold players of the team. However, based on how the silver market has changed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sets had OVR restrictions on what cards you can submit.

As of right now, golds can be found at bargain prices on the AH. For the purposes of this post, a low gold is a 70-74 and a high gold is a 75-79. The question becomes, what should be targeted and how can you get the snipe?

Based on the current market, cards with any significant value are rated 85+ OVR. According to YouTube teasers, the following Team Leaders surpass the 85 threshold:

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