NHL 19 – HUT Line Combination Traits Concept

The concept of player specific chemistries / traits is not a novel idea. The Madden MUT franchise has incorporated player specific ability chemistries that can change the way the player performs on the field. For example, there is a Chemistry called “Never Stumble” and it serves to automatically prevent your running back from falling to the ground while stumbling. Typically, when controlling a player without the never stumble chemistry, you would have to manually use the right stick to keep them on their feet.

The FIFA FUT series has utilized the concept of “Player Traits.” EA has not been as candid with how the Player Traits impact the players performance in FUT. Some traits are more self explanatory than others, such as “avoids weaker foot.” Others, including but not limited to playmaker, finesse shot and power header are less clear on how they impact the card’s performance. Even more specifically, we are not able to view how these traits change the in-game stats. The NHL series should consider a line-based traits system.

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HUT – NHL 17 and NHL 18 Division 1 Championship Rosters

Better late than never. Another year is almost completely in the books and HC Turbo has managed to secure it’s third consecutive Division One Title on the Playstation 4. The ’16 and ’17 Titles were won playing no money spent with the standard edition of the game. This past season, I purchased the NHL 18 Young Stars edition of the game and benefited from a free pack per week and the pre-order bonuses to start the game’s life cycle.

I thought it would be fun to compare my Championship Rosters from ’17 and ’18.

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NHL 18: HUT Year-in-Review

NHL ’19 is just around the corner. New details and features have already rolled out. This post will take a look at NHL 18 and assess the following: (1) Game-play; (2) Content; and (3) Pay-to-Win Factor.


Coming into the season, we were given the new features of ‘Creative Attack’ moves and the ‘Defensive Skill Stick’ to combat those moves.

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HUT Synergy Guide

The HUT Synergy Guide will cover everything you need to know about HUT Synergies. First we will answer the basics of what synergies are, how synergies are activated and the best ways to acquire players to activate your desired synergy. Next we will take a comprehensive look at this season’s current player specific and team synergies. Finally, we will reveal the must have synergy to start HUT 18.

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