MUT – Turbo’s RTG: the Weekend League Round 2

My RTG series will track my journey towards an ‘EA Triple Crown’ (a top division title in FUT, HUT and MUT). This edition features my second round of MUT’s Weekend League.

The Turbo_T96ers managed to come away with 12 w’s in week one. I was happy with the result as I didn’t get in many head to head games leading up to the weekend. During week 2, I was hoping to rely on my experience gained in week one and an improved roster.

In week 2, the 96ers put up a respectable 15 wins. This marked the franchise’s first Gold 1 finish. If you follow the site, you know that I posted my opponents average rating in week 1. I was able to do the same for week 2Below, I break down my main weaknesses discovered during this past weekend.

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Turbo’s MUT RTG – Week 1

Week Recap

After a full week of Madden, the Turbo_T96ers are an 82 overall. After managing to go 3-0 in a set of qualifiers, the 96ers will be competing in Madden’s first ever weekend league.

The first week of Madden was primarily focused on grinding out solos with hopes of qualifying for the weekend league. I did spend a few extra dollars but only on the points only level packs. These exclusive packs are unlocked once you reach a certain MUT Level.

The week 1 post will cover the free cards in my lineup, my initial strategy, my current roster and strategy for the weekend league and beyond.

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