MUT Predictor Picks – Clam’s Crystal Ball Week 4

Maybe it’s cause everyone had a rougher weekend, but MUT lowered the number of correct picks to earn rewards this week, 18 for 5K, 21 for 15K and 24 for 50K. Let’s try to win some coins after 18/34 last week. If you’d like more in depth game previews as well a look around the league, feel free to check out my podcast, 4th Take, the latest episode can be found here:

Titans win by 2 (True): While Watson adds an interesting element to the Texans, I don’t think it’s enough to stop the Titans. The Titans are better nearly across the board (D-line excluded) and I continue to think people are underrating them because of a week 1 loss to Oakland. Titan up! Continue reading “MUT Predictor Picks – Clam’s Crystal Ball Week 4”