MUT Chemistry Guide

* This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as new MUT chemistry styles are added to MUT18.

What are Chemistry Boosts?

There are 3 types of MUT chemistry boosts that increase a player’s stats when activated. Those are: skill chemistry boosts, team chemistry boosts and team training chemistry boosts. These are activated when a team has the requisite number of players who possess the chemistry in your starting lineup.

Are MUT Chemistry Boosts Worth It?

Although boosts are not necessary, as the game matures it is worth incorporating them into your lineup. If you do some basic planning around potential boosts, players benefiting will see a jump in their overall rating.

Thus far, chems are far less useful than in MUT 17. For now, it is best to focus on overall as opposed to chemistry. Keep an eye out for new promotional chem styles as the season progresses, they make them worth while.

Skill Chemistry Boosts

There are limited MUT chemistry boosts to start in MUT18. Additional chemistry styles are released through different promotions and cards during the season. If you are having trouble deciphering the meaning of a specific stat found in the boosts, check out our MUT Dictionary.

The chemistry boosts in MUT18 are:


 Go Deep

  • Tier 1: +1 PBK, +1 RLS, +1 TAD;
  • Tier 2: +1 THP, +1 SPC, +1 PAC; and
  • Tier 3: +1 PBK, +1 RLS, +1 TAD

 Move the Sticks

  • Tier 1: +1 SPM; +1 CIT; +1 TAS;
  • Tier 2: +1 JKM; +1 RTE; +1 TAM; and
  • Tier 3: +1 SPM; +1 CIT; +1 TAS

 Pound The Rock

  • Tier 1: +1 RBK, +1 SFA; +1 TOR;
  • Tier 2: +1 TRK, +1 ELU, +1 BCV; and
  • Tier 3: +1 RBK, +1 SFA, +1 TOR


  • Tier 1: +1 AWR;
  • Tier 2: +1 CTH;
  • Tier 3: +1 TAM;
  • Tier 4: +1 RTE; and
  • Tier 5: +1 THP

 Blanket Coverage

  • Tier 1: +1 MCV;
  • Tier 2: +1 FNM, +1 PRS; and
  • Tier 3: +1 MCV

Physical Front

  • Tier 1: +1 BKS;
  • Tier 2: +1 TAK, +1 POW; and
  • Tier 3: +1 BKS

 Read and React

  • Tier 1: +1 ZCV;
  • Tier 2: +1 PWM, +1 PUR; and
  • Tier 3: +1 ZCV
Offense & Defense


  • Tier 1: +1 CAR, +1 IMP;
  • Tier 2: +1 STR, +1 CTH; and
  • Tier 3: +1 CAR, +1 IMP

Twitch Prime

  • Tier 1: +1 CTH, +1 TAK;
  • Tier 2: +1 CTH, +1 TAK; and
  • Tier 3: +1 CTH, +1 TAK

Team Leaders

  • Tier 1: +1 RBK, +1 PUR;
  • Tier 2: +1 TAK, +1 PBK; and
  • Tier 3: +1 CTH, +1 CAR
Ability Chemistry

The top players in the game have both a skill chemistry and an ability chemistry. The ability chem is activated as long as that single player is in their natural position and it only benefits the card that has it. Here are the available individual chemistry boosts:

Battle Ready: Makes tackle battle mechanic always use the X (or A on xBox) button.

Clutch Kicker: Kicker cannot be iced with a time out.

Conductor: Make two hot routes prior to QB getting set and two per animation once he is set.

Energized: Makes temporary stamina refill with every successful ball carrier move.

Focused Kicker: Gives player Pro difficulty kick meter speed in all difficulties.

Gunslinger: Gives player faster throwing motion and ball speed on passes.

Hot Hands: Gives a much higher catch chance to defender when user controlling the defender the entire play.

Identified: Shows who your opponent is using on defense before the snap.

Jump the Snap: Gives an automatic snap jump to player when using a blitzing player on the line of scrimmage.

Never Stumble: Player will auto-recover in stumble situations.

Pick 6: Gives unlimited stamina on an interception return until player is contacted or makes a special move.

Playmaker: Gives player faster cuts on playmaker moves directed from the quarterback.

Return Man: Gives unlimited stamina on a kick or punt return until player is contacted or makes a special move.

Secure Pass Blocker: Prevents pass rusher from getting any quick pass rush wins.

Secure Tackler: Prevents auto-broken tackles from occurring against this player.

Tip Drill: Gives player increased catch chance on tipped passes.

How is a Chemistry Activated?

The chemistry will become active if the player is slotted into their natural position. For example, base Martellus Bennett is a perfectly serviceable FB despite the overall going down two points at the position. However, if the card is placed at the position, the pound the rock chemistry will not be active. The Bennett pound the rock chem can only be active in a TE slot.

In some unique cases, the overall on the card may actually raise when played out of position. This does not impact how the chemistry is activated and the card’s chem will still only be active when played in it’s natural position.

Skill Tier

There is 3 skill tiers that activate depending on how many players in your starting lineup have the required skill. Tier 1: 3 players in your starting lineup must have the skill; 6 players for Tier 2 to be active; and 9 players for Tier 3.

*Note, some uniform items have a chemistry attached to them. For example, the level challenge uniforms also contribute towards a skill chemistry. If one of these items is active, less player cards will be needed.

Click R3 (PS4) or RS (Xbox) to your lineup’s chemistry details. In the following example, blanket coverage tier 1 is activated. As you can see, only one more blanket coverage player is required for a tier 2 boost:

Team Chemistry Boosts

Activated when you have the required number of starting players from a specific team. These MUT chemistry boosts are indicated by the team logo on the card.

It appears as though each of the Team Chemistry Boosts are:

  • Tier 1: +1 AWR, +1 PRC;
  • Tier 2: +1 AWR, +1 PRC;
  • Tier 3: +1 AWR, +1 PRC; and
  • Tier 4: +1 AWR, +1 PRC
Team Training 

Activated through team specific items. Team specific items consist of: Coaches, Stadiums, Light Uniforms and Dark Uniforms. These four types of items can be upgraded into 3 tiers, making 12 tiers in total. To reach the highest tiers, these items must be upgraded. Playbooks are also available for upgrades.

The boosts apply to players from whatever team your team training items correspond with. I.e. if your Packers items were fully upgraded, every Packer on your team would receive the boosts.

Thus far the costs of these sets seem to outweigh the benefits. It is best to spend your coins focusing on overalls rather than these boosts.

The boosts from each tier are:

  • Tier 1: +1 SFA, +1 SPN;
  • Tier 2: +1 BCV, +1 JUK;
  • Tier 3: +1 PRS, +1 REL
  • Tier 4: +1 TRK, +1 SPC;
  • Tier 5: +1 FMV, +1 IBL;
  • Tier 6: +1 PMV, +1 RBL;
  • Tier 7: +1 PBK, +1 PUR;
  • Tier 8: +1 TAK, +1 ELU;
  • Tier 9: +1 CAR, +1 BKS;
  • Tier 10: +1 MCV, +1 RTE;
  • Tier 11: +1 ZCV, +1 CTH; and
  • Tier 12: +1 CIT, +1 POW