MUT Dictionary

*This list is not exhaustive. More terms will be added throughout the season as ’18 promos are revealed. The MUT Dictionary covers Terms and Stats.


AH: The Auction House. You can either post or purchase cards from the auction house. The currency used is coins.

Baby G.O.A.T: Items needed to upgrade certain G.O.A.T players.

BB: Egg Hunt Easter Promo. More will be added once the details are known. 

BCA: Breast Cancer Awareness promotion, details tba.

CFM: Connected Franchise Mode.

Chem: Chemistry Boosts. Learn more on our MUT Chemistry page. 

Coins: Earned through playing games, completing objectives, auctioning content that was purchased with points or quick-selling items.

Daily Knockout (A Daily): Daily knockout tournaments grant winners access the the WL (Weekend League). To win a daily, you must tally 3 wins in a row. Two knockout tournaments are run each week. One runs through Monday and Tuesday, the other during Wednesday and Thursday. Each tournament gives you 8 chances to win 3 in a row. As such, every week you have 16 total chances. As the season progresses, team restrictions may be placed on these tournaments.

DC: Draft Champions. In Madden 18 the mode is referred to as MUT Drafts. See MUT Drafts for more. 

Fantasy Pack: A pack where you can pick one of the cards that are revealed from the pack.

FND: Friday Night Drafts promo. This was a DC (now MUT Drafts) series in MUT 17. More will be added once the details are known. 

FO: Football Outsiders (Limited Edition Cards). More will be added once the details are known. 

G.O.A.T: Greatest Of All Time. 

GT: Golden Ticket Cards. More will be added once the details are known.

H2H: Head-to-head games against other users online.

Madden Points: Purchased with real currency, these points allow you to purchase in-game content. Points are commonly used to purchase packs.

MCS: Madden Championship Series.

MF: Most Feared promotion, details tba.

MM: Madden Mobile.

MOTM: Man of the Month. More will be added once details are known. 

MUT: Madden Ultimate Team.

MUT Champions: 

MUT Drafts: A game mode that is designed to simulate the fantasy football experience. You begin the draft by selecting your coach, who determines what playbooks you will have. Following the coach round, you assemble your team through a series of 20 draft rounds. The remainder of your team is randomly generated. This assembled team is used to compete in either H2H or Solo Drafts, where you attempt to win a certain amount of games before being handed two losses. Prizes correspond with how many games you’ve managed to win, with more valuable prizes being found in the H2H stream of competition.

MUTHEAD: An excellent database of every MUT player;it also contains team building options and pack simulators.

NAT: Not auctionable or tradeable items. These items are typically earned as rewards. They cannot be sold in the AH (Auction House). 

OP: Over Powered. Used when something in the game (a player, formation, route etc.) is more effective than it should be.

Packs: Purchased with coins or points, packs contain player cards.

RP: Rookie Premier Sets. These sets were released at the end of the MUT17 season. RP cards carry over to MUT 18 and can be upgraded. 

SB: Super Bowl.

Solos: Single player challenges that award coins, packs and cards.

ST: Sean Taylor.

TG: Thanksgiving Promo. More will be added once the details are known. 

Tickets: Can be purchased with coins or madden points. Tickets are required to enter certain events, such as MUT Drafts, in Madden 18.

TND: Tuesday Night Drafts Promo. This was a DC (now MUT Drafts) series in MUT 17. More will be added once the details are known. 

TOTW: Team of the Week. Players who performed well over the weekend are eligible to receive a TOTW upgrade card. 

TOTY: Team of the Year. Players who had an exceptional season are eligible to receive a TOTY upgrade card.

UL: Ultimate Legends.

UT: Ultimate Ticket Promo. More will be added once the details are known. 

WL: Weekend League. This is part of MUT Champions. The WL runs from Friday morning to Monday morning and has you play 25 games. The more games you win, the better the prizes. You do not need to complete all 25 games to receive your prize, your reward will correspond with how many wins you have. You can qualify for the WL by winning a Daily Knockout tournament (see above) or through H2H Seasons (Finishing in a certain division before the start of WL.



SPD: Speed

STR: Strength

AGI: Agility

ACC: Acceleration

JMP: Jumping

STA: Stamina

AWR: Awareness

PRC: Play Recognition

INJ: Injury


THP: Throw Power

TAS: Throw Accuracy Short

TAM: Throw Accuracy Mid

TAD: Throw Accuracy Deep

TOR: Throw On the Run

PAC: Play Action


TRK: Trucking

ELU: Elusiveness

BCV: Ball Carrier Vision

SFA: Stiff Arm

SPM: Spin Move

JKM: Juke Move

CAR: Carrying


CTH: Catching

CIT: Catch in traffic

SPC: Spectacular Catch

RTE: Route Running

RLS: Release


RBK: Run Block

PBK: Pass Block

IMP: Impact Blocking


MCV: Man Coverage

ZCV: Zone Coverage

PRS: Press Coverage

BKS: Block Shedding

PUR: Pursuit

TAK: Tackle

POW: Hit Power

PWM: Power Moves

FNM: Finesse Moves


KPW: Kick Power

KAC: Kick Accuracy